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Quick Facts about the newly crowned Miss World PH 2015


Full Name: Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao
Nickname: Hill/ Daniela /Dhan-dhan
Vital statistics: 32-23-34
Occupation: Commercial and Print ad Model
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, writing literary arts, photography
Do you follow a specific diet?
I do GM diet(General Motor diet) once in a while to detoxify. On normal occasion ,I just eat healthy as much as I can. It's really hard for me to follow a specific diet because I really love trying out different kinds of food.
Top 3 beauty essentials: Moisturizer, make up and a lot of smiling 
Beauty ritual: I just make sure to remove my make up and moisturize before going to bed. And I hydrate a lot. I also try to always find time to have enough amount of exercise.
5 things you can’t leave the house without: I can't leave home without my cellphone and my wallet. And I always have a pen with me, just in case I need to close a million dollar deal. 
1 interesting/weird thing about you that would surprise people: I have double jointed shoulders. I can make my arms look like it's detached from my shoulders
Describe yourself in 3 words: I Am outgoing , passionate and persistent 
Motto in life: My motto is as simple as "Always be Kind"
What is your Beauty Queen Secret?
In order to be beautiful, you have to see the beauty within you. Feel happy, be happy and make people happy!
And now for something a bit more serious ;)
What is the biggest lesson you've learned during the MWP pageant/journey?
The biggest lesson is that DREAMS do come TRUE! Never ever give up your dream because they said it cannot be done. It is not always easy, for it to happen, prepare to work hard, and believe in yourself. Do not let the noise of those who doesn’t understand you distract you from your focus. Remember the soundtrack from Cinderella, ”Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will shine through”
Is there anything special you will do to prepare for the miss world pageant this November?
I want every one to know that I everything I will do to prepare me to compete will be special. After all, I am no longer representing a province or myself, I will be there to represent our country. However, what is pretty special is m plan to do more for my advocacy and do more for my project Katuwang.  Winning the Ms World Philippine title allows me to do more for my advocacy, and help more children. Don’t you agree that doing something good is pretty special?
What is your message to the Filipino people who are supporting you?
Allow me to quote Abe Lincoln again, " I will prepare, and my time will come”. It is my time to represent our country to this very prestigious but competitive pageant, so please continue with your prayers, support and patience. Stay with me and keep the faith; I will do my best to make you and this country stand tall before the world.
How does it feel to be the newest addition to the miss world Philippines family?
Surreal initially, but as I continue my day to day activities, I am just happy and grateful. I really wish I can impress you with big words to describe how I feel knowing I now belong to this group who have and continue to make positive impact to the lives of those who are in need. Grateful because I now have the opportunity.