Make your wildest Drawings come to Life! Or even the Stuffed Toy version of YOU!

If youre looking to make a child super happy, or if like me you’re simply a kid at heart, then The Rainbow Unicorn MNL is perfect for you!
They literally make children’s drawing come to life!
The heroes your children imagine or the cartoon characters they love
but also Robots, Hearts, Cars, etc.
Even if you’re child is not YET the best at drawing (like ME ;) , or  no matter how weird, or how complicated the drawing!
Anything is POSSIBLE!
I personally think they make the weird drawings come to life exceptionally cute looking! Love these little white thingies! Lol
They have different sizes available from Keychain small, to medium, large and extra big! So your child can carry it around as their “brought to life imaginary friend” ;)
Which child wouldn’t love that?
Look at this cute little girl that is so happy with her drawing brought to life that she brings it everywhere and even sleeps with it! :)
But my FAVORITE thing of all is their Mini Me Dolls!!! It is when they custom make a Stuffed Toy version of you!!!
Check out some of my favorite that they made of some of my friends :)
The Lil Lassiter boys, and the beautiful Ara Mina and her Daughter! Soooo CUTE!!!
So of course, I HAD TO get my OWN made! ;)
Here are the Mini Me versions of my babies Rusty & Zoe :)
And below is the step by step of how it happened:
First I followed the Steps below to order.
Then, once it was “Good for production”, the fun part started:
I first sent a picture of my babies, then they drew a cartoon version of what I sent.
You are then asked if you like what they drew, and they are very open to changes and suggestions until you feel you have the perfect cartoon representation you want :) so as you can see I asked for more changes to get a more true to life version of my doggies :)
And as you can see, my doggies love it! Rusty is super intrigued by this thing that looks like him! Lol

At The Rainbow Unicorn MNL they make everything with Love! Which is why each creation comes out so well! Because they really want to make your children happy! :)
To get your own you can contact them at 09178811347 or check out their Instagram @TheRainbowUnicornMNL :)
And if you want to know more about this loving company, here is their story below:
“The Rainbow Unicorn MNL was created by a colorful family. Mika, Joice and Gavin are a rainbow family and they would like to spread love through what they do best: being creative. They love to doodle, draw and paint together.
 Mika is a teacher, Joice is an Occupational Therapist and together they have Gavin, their 6 year old son who was recently just diagnosed with autism. Gavin loves to draw different things from people to instruments; so Mika and Joice thought of making plush toys out of his drawings. Eventually, friends asked to have some done as gifts and before they knew it, they started building an online store and it became a hit.
They built The Rainbow Unicorn MNL. They chose the word Rainbow because they would like to reach out to different people who they believe are all equal to each other. They also chose the word Unicorn because it symbolizes their love for imagination and creativity. :)”