How to keep your life together!

When we are juggling multiple things and have busy schedules it becomes very challenging to keep our lives in order.
So keep it together with KIT (Keeping It Together)!
Organization is the way to go to make your life simpler and to keep on track with your busy schedule! Especially when you are always on the go or travelling!
Its tried and tested! And I am a true believer!
I discovered KIT a few years ago while I was walking through greenhills and I came across a shop with very cute yet practical items!
Ever since then they have open more branches! And ive had the honor to be invited at the opening of their beautiful branch in SM Megamall
They have everything to make things more organised no matter where you go! 
If you're simply leaving your house for a full day of errands, or going to the gym, or on a road trip, or on an out of the country holiday even! Small containers for all your products, card holders, pouches for your gadgets, wet bags for your swimsuits, etc. they have it all!
And as you can see I really enjoyed myself at the opening!
Want to see what's in my bags? ;)
Here is what I chose to make my life more organised:
1. A pouch to organise my make up. Having all my make up organised this way; easily accessible and visible has been a real time saver when i get ready in the morning! Its so much better than the usual digging through your make up kit to find the tiny eyebrow pencil that has fallen all the way at the bottom! LOL
2. Staying on the girly side; a pouch to organise my manicure kit. With my favourite nail polish colours, acetone and cotton; I can change my nail colour on the go! lol Super practical when you have mint green nails and you have to go to a formal meeting in the afternoon (change to pastel pink), then to a fashion show at night where  you can't have any flashy colour that will clash with the clothes (change to nude). 
These two pouches above are actually designed for electronic gadgets! lol So when you go to KIT you have to ask for the "Electronic Pouch". But that is just evidence of how awesome KIT is! they design items that are so practical that you can use them for just about anything! :)
3. Next up we have one of my all time favourites and a true revolution in my opinion! The "Wet Bag"!
Have you ever gone to the beach or the pool or the gym, and when it was time to home didn't know what to do with the wet clothes that you just changed out of? If you put them directly in your bag all the contents of it will become wet as well, if you simply put it in a plastic the contents of your bag will become humid and still kinda wet.. Now this "Wet Bag" is specially designed to contain extra wet items! And it also protects the items inside from being wet! And since it has two pockets you can actually use it as a beach bag and put you towel and swimsuit in the big back pocket, and put your keys, phone, etc. in the smaller front pocket to be protected from the perils of the beach ;)
4. If you travel a lot, you will really see the benefits in having an organised toiletry bag. This "Hanging Toiletry Pouch" is really great to hang in any hotel bathroom you stay at and that way, all your toiletries are instantly visible and easily accessible.
Staying on the subject of travel, these items below are very useful especially when it comes to traveling by plane.
5. For comfort on the go, this "2-in-1 pillow" is the best way to go!  it transforms into 2 different shapes according to your preference. And for the clean freaks/OC people like me (LOL), it even has two different sides per shape so that you can easily distinguish the "clean side" to the "dirty side" (the side for your face and the side used against the airplane seat, wall, airport floor, etc.). Or for the normal people its also a plus because you get to choose the material you prefer to feel on your face! ;)
6. This tissue pouch is perfect to keep your tissues from getting crumpled and the zipped pocket at the back is perfect to discreetly keep your sanitary pads, tampons,wet wipes, etc. You don't have to go to the bathroom holding each of your "toilet necessities" for everyone to see anymore. Now you can just bring this little black pouch with everything in it.
7. This "Double zip see through pouch" is perfect to travel light and bring all your essential toiletries wherever you go. 
8. And out of all the bottles, tubes and jars to put your products in; this "Silicone tube" is the best. Its silicone material makes it very flexible and does break or get damaged when you squeeze it to empty its contents. It big opening makes it easily refillable and it can also be stuck against a mirror or shower wall (which is very practical when you are in a hotel with a small sink area / not enough space to put down your toiletries.
9. Another option to store all your items is the  "Clear square pouch" that makes all your items visible and is available is many different sizes to fit all your organisational needs.
Those are all the goodies I got from the opening of the KIT store in SM Megamall!
Below are some of their best sellers
The three above are their best sellers that are also some of my favourite.
To get your own awesome organisational items visit their branches at:
- SM North Edsa (Level 3 Parking Level, 2nd Floor East Bridgeway #04 SM North Edsa)
- SM Megamall (Level 5 Mega Fashion Hall)
- UP Town Center, Diliman Quezon City (Ground floor, below the escalator near Toys R Us)
- Estancia Mall, Pasig (Ground Floor, near Toys R Us and True Value)
Or visit their website at