In the City of Love, Love Locks will Always find a way

If you are a romantic, I am sure that you have heard of the famous "Love Lock Bridge" in Paris.
The almost mythical bridge in the "City of Love" which thousands of couples from all around the world come to, in order to seal their love forever.  
This ritual, where couples place a lock on the Pont des Arts bridge and throw away to key in the Seine river; has attracted so many lovers that in just a few years nearly one million padlocks where put on (approximatively 45 tons). 
Unfortunately the weight of this great display of love has literally become too much to bare for the bridge. Indeed the Pont des Arts partially collapsed last year. That is when the "No Love Locks" campaign started; as an attempt to save this historic landmark the City hall asked tourists to stop putting locks on the bridge. 
But evidently love couldn’t be stopped, as more and more locks still kept appearing.  

Thus, on June 1st 2015, the city hall decided to remove all 15 grills from the bridge. According to them, each of those panels were carrying nearly 500 kgs, "which is more than four times the maximum weight". 
People from all around the world were saddened by this news; lovers who had put their locks and those who had yet to put theirs on. The internet was filled with titles like "Love Removed From France",  "Paris ends relationship with love locks", "Au revoir love locks", etc. 
So what has become of the famous bridge? 
Paris has replaced the padlock filled grills with street art.  
But as you can see the street art still honors the love lock tradition,  with its graffiti following a padlock-theme. Behind me is a beautiful representation of the (now removed) grills of the bridge with padlocks melting off as a symbol of their removal.
I also love all the cute animated padlocks
These art panels are all temporary though. In September the city will replace them with permanent plexiglass panels to prevent people from putting locks again.
But despite the drastic removal of the love locks on the bridge, lovers still come on the Pont des Arts, which will forever remain a symbol of love.
Nevertheless, this removal of locks on the bridge has not stopped the truly romantic. Love locks still keep pilling up every minute on the grills next to the bridge
And merchants still sell padlocks on the bridge to help the love struck tourists.
Additionally to that, you can now find Love Locks all around the City of Love. They might have removed the locks from the famous bridge, but once again love cannot be stopped, and it is sprouting everywhere now. On street lamps, gates, any random place a lock can be put on; and many on all the other bridges in Paris.
And the most famous "Love Lock Replacement Bridge" is the Pont de l'Archevêché. Just a few minutes walk from the original "Love Lock Bridge", this bridge is already so full with padlocks that the city has already removed a few panels of padlock filled grills and put plexiglass panels to prevent couples from putting locks on again.
But once again love found a way. As you can see people still went over these protective panels to put their love locks.
And here is another couple who sealed their love through this ritual. 

They put on a classic little padlock, but here are a few of my favorite love locks:
Now these people REALLY wanted their love to last forever! They put on massive locks hoping that no one could ever remove them! lol 
These are just too cute!
I have to admit, that just like all the romantics out there, I was very sad when I heard the Love Lock ritual would end on June 1st 2015. But having spent this afternoon on the now lock-less bridge and walking the streets of Paris; I was reminded why this city is called the "City of Love".  
Despite the removal of one million love locks on the original "Love Lock Bridge", LOVE still found a way. And no matter how many locks they remove, LOVE will always keep blooming in this city. All you have to do is open your eyes and notice all the Love Locks that keep appearing all around the city, just like flowers blooming in spring.  
Top: Vero Moda 

Jeans: Topshop 

Heels: Salvatore Ferragamo  

Bag: Chanel