The Best of Manila Fashion Festival 2016

This season the trend at the Manila Fashion Festival was simple, sexy & chic!
A minimalist and classy style which I am a big fan of! And it was an honor and a pleasure to model for such beautiful creations!
So from my up close and personal encounter with this seasons collections, here are my favorite / what I believe was the BEST OF MFF 2016 :)
Banggo Niu
Loved the color palette, nude, white and black, with a splash of red! Super classy! Same goes for the cuts of his designs; sexy, simple, yet classy!
Pablo Cabahug
With such elegant draping this collection stands out with the feminine cuts and beautiful flow of each piece. Classic elegance.
Randy Ortiz
With its classic/strong colors (black, grey and red), classic cuts and a mix of lace, satin, polka dots; Tito Randy’s collection was simple yet edgy yet very chic at the same time!
Mark Bumgarner
This collection of neutral color with splashes of bold yet classic strong colors is a mix of flowy feminine details and sexy/edgy cuts. Simple, sexy, feminine! Love it!
Tony Evan
Another designer who has mastered the art of simple-sexy-chic is Tony Evan. Once again we find the classic neutral colors (black, white, grey) with a splash of bold red. And I love how an edgy cut/detail was added to each beautiful classic shape. Classic yet edgy!
Veejay Floresca
And to my big surprise, a designer which I got to know and love because of edgy modern linear pieces, did a beautifully refreshing 360 by creating a very feminine and flowy collection! Lace, flowy gowns and beautiful classic colors!
Brit Tripudio
An innovative collection where Brit featured the very chic suit jacket, which he transformed into more edgy pieces for men and women! Love the “strict” classic feel of the suit jacket mixed with modern flowy cuts! Very cool!
Those were beautifully chic collections by the designers we all know and love!
But I was equally impressed by the collection of the new talents of Philippine Fashion, the graduating students of SOFA. They were on point as well about the simple-sexy-chic trend of this season!
Abby Robles
Abimer by Abigail Mercado
Averil Aviles
Mia Del Mundo
Reian Tsukada
Candle Bay Torreverde
Meryl Cheung 
Natasha Iguel
Shamina Magarang
Photos courtesy of MegaStyle.Ph, visit their website to view the full collection of each designer