Behind the Scenes of Miss World Philippines through the years ;)

As the first Miss World Philippines I am always very excited when its Miss World PH season again!

It is the time of the year when I get a whole new set of little sisters to train and mentor! :)

And every year I super enjoyed that job of mine :)

Which of course, as the official Trainer of the candidates, gives me constant Behind The Scenes access to the special world of pageants! ;)

So here is a little recap of the many years of Miss World Philippines :)


Just click on the links below each title to view to full article and its Videos

(Didn’t include the years before 2014 yet, but will do so when I have time :)





Catwalk Training the Miss World Philippines 2014 Official Candidates



Behind The Scenes Video - Opening Billboard shoot of Miss World Philippines 2014



Behind The Scenes Videos of the pageant activities of Miss World Philippines 2015



Miss World Philippines 2015 Press Presentation & Funny candidate interview



BTS Videos of Miss World Ph 2015 - Coronation Night



Catwalk Training the Miss World Philippines 2016 candidates